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Financial and Tax

Financial and tax services include:

  • Ensuring accounting in accordance with the legislation and normative legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Acceptance, analysis and provision of necessary information to the client by inspections appointed by all government agencies
  • Ensuring the response to all types of letters, appeals, non-compliance letters received by DVX  and SSPF
  • Complete accounting of cash, inventories and fixed assets received on the basis of  documents and written information provided by  the  "Customer" and timely recording of transactions related to their movement in accounting
  • Carry out daily operations on the basis of incoming information
  • Preparation of tax and accounting reports based on primary documents and accounting  records
  • Submission of reports to SSPF, DVX, Statistics and other government agencies on the basis of accounting
  • 1C software accounting
  • Establishment and maintenance of accounting from scratch
  • Profit and loss, Cash flow management, Balance sheet preparation
  • Ensuring the preparation of tender documents for enterprises to participate in the                                         
  • Tax law and accounting consulting services
  • Analysis of all existing problems and its reasoned answer
  • Registration of individuals
  • Audit and restoration of accounting
  • Tax audit
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